Generations of dancing

I’m in New Mexico visiting various relatives of the grand variety – I have relatives on both sides of the family clustered around Albuquerque. My grandmother’s (incredibly long-lived!) family lives here, and for the past couple of years we’ve travelled up here once a year and I stop off to visit other grandparents. My grandmother, the one I travel with, used to go out dancing to big band music every week and have herself a ball – pun intended. (Some of the stories she tells!)

Anyway, she’s around 87 and she doesn’t move as easy as she used to but she still loves to listen to big band and old country music. She plays a music program on Friday nights on the Rural Channel (?) and she turned that on tonight. They started playing “When Two Worlds Collide” and on a whim I went over and started dancing with her. I started off leading, but I’m a really terrible lead, so she took over and we danced around the living room a bit. (She complimented me on my dancing, which was nice!) Anyway, Grandma was dancing around and said, “I’ve still got it!” We only shuffled around a bit, but she was, surprisingly to me, a very competent lead.

It’s awesome to have skills that translate so nicely across generations! Earlier I had been putting contacts into cell phones and impressing everyone with my “Techno-skilled grandchild” routine, so I’m always grateful for the skills that aren’t specific to the younger generations.

Oh! Also! I just found out that my grandmother was a Rosie the Riveter worker! How cool is that!